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Our proven investment approach suggests otherwise. We’re proud that our disciplined philosophy has ranked 5 of our strategies in the top of their respective classes by Morningstar®1 as of 9/30/2021.


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Zacks Investment Management
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In the beginning, we set out to do something different from the industry standard, and we based it in thorough research, clear evidence and proven strategy. This is the way we’ve always done things, and it has allowed us to generate real results for our clients.

Pure Investing™ is
all about transparency.

In recent years, we looked around us and saw all kinds of complexity, non-transparency, alternative investments, and complicated partnerships. With Zacks, we take all this away, and what you get is Pure Investing™.

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Zacks is really just a family business that has stayed true to founding beliefs. This is the real driver of success for Zacks and for those who invest with us.

Mitch Zacks
CEO & Senior Portfolio Manager, Zacks Investment Management

Mitch Zacks is the CEO & Senior Portfolio Manager at Zacks Investment Management.

As creator of the Pure Investing™ philosophy, he has a 20-year history with the firm and numerous accolades, including:

  • Expert on quantitative investment strategies, developing many of Zacks' proprietary models
  • Author of a weekly finance column for the Chicago Sun Times and two books on quantitative investment strategies (Ahead of the Market and The Little Book of Stock Market Profits)
  • Cum laude graduate of Yale University (B.Comm.) and the University of Chicago (MBA)

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At the heart of investing is one basic reality:

Solid businesses grow over time, and by owning their stocks and bonds, you can participate in that growth. The more you invest, the more you grow. That’s the plain truth.

Pure Investing™ means you get a portfolio of stocks and bonds, and you get it with lower fees, so that more of your money ends up in your pocket.


We’ve been leading the industry in research since 1978.

Our founder, Len Zacks, published a seminal article in 1978 which first documented the value of using earnings estimate revisions to select stocks. His firm, Zacks Investment Research, sprang from that highly influential paper. Other innovations followed: the concept of the EPS surprise — now widely used in the investment industry — and the Zacks Rank, a proprietary stock-ranking model which is at the core of the Zacks investment philosophy.

By using our own databases, software, models and completely unbiased research, we are able to create custom stock and bond portfolios, all “in-house”. We eliminate the common industry practices of outsourcing many investment management and research services. The benefit can be seen in our 5 strategies currently ranked in the top of their respective categories as of 9/30/2021.


Top 2% Performance Ranking1

Small Cap Equity Strategy in the Morningstar Small Blend Universe1 and Mid-Cap Core Strategy in the Morningstar Mid Cap Blend Universe are in the top 2% of their respective categories.

Our Dividend Strategy in the Morningstar Large Cap Value Universe ranks in the top 4% and the All Cap Core Strategy in the Morningstar All Domestic Equity Managers Universe1 ranks in the top 8% of their respective categories as of 9/30/2021.

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Zacks Investment Management Born from Research, Built for Performance

Research Driven • Results Oriented • Client Focused


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